Failure to upload mp3 and avi files in emails

  Silly Me 20:18 22 May 2008

Since upgrading to Vista and switching from BT Broadband to Tiscali I am unable to upload avi and mp3 files in email. Have tried in my new Tiscali and my old Hotmail email addresses but neither will do it. I also paid for a 2 year subscription for AVG 8.0. I've managed to upload one photo but nothing else. Any ideas please. Simple language please - as always.

  mrwoowoo 22:19 22 May 2008

You are limited to what size files you can send via e-mail.Hence the photo being ok as it is a smaller file than your avg or mp3.
You may be able to get away with zipping your mp3 file before sending.
If the size of files are within limits it may be Tiscali that stops that type of file due to virus threats.
Do you get any error message or anything?

  mrwoowoo 22:23 22 May 2008

Also, if the file you send is above the recipitants e-mail storage limit(15mb with Tiscali) it will bounce back.
Or if they only have a bit of storage space left in their in box,due to lots of stored e-mails and pics.

  NewestRoyWidd1 07:47 23 May 2008

I use yahoo email as my default,its got a 10MB limit for uploads;Adequate for mp3s,and most photos in jpeg format.
Avi's etc tend to be well above 10MB.

  anchor 09:10 24 May 2008

As stated above, avi files can be very large.

You could import them into Windows Movie Maker and convert them to a wmv file. You can choose what size your resultant file will be.

This is another way to send files up to 1Gb, NOT using e-mail.

click here

  Silly Me 15:12 02 Jun 2008

I now cannot even upload a tiny photo. Have tried with three different webmail accounts but to no avail. Tiscali have ensured me its not their end to blame, and my hardware retailer reckoned my machine is not at fault. Have installed and run Search & Destroy in addition to the AVG I already had, which found some spyware but problem persists. Hardware technical support suggested that Router settings could be at fault, I can access these but don't understand what most of the settings mean.
I suspect Tiscali may be giving me some flannel (though I can't say for sure, not being an 'expert'). Help!?

  bgordon8684 19:36 09 Jun 2008

If you just need to send a few files to others from time to time, a free service you might consider is:

click here

If you need online storage for several files, and work with several people over time, and need to control who can do what with which file, a great option is:

click here

  ineedalabotomy 20:03 09 Jun 2008

When i open a saved desk top icon (double click) then minimize it & open a second icon from d/top the first one disappears ! even if i r/click & try to open it.Really annoying as i have to type it in the b/bar each time How can i open numerous d/top items & keep them minimised without losing them each time. using ie as web browser.....thanks (probably very simple solution)

  ineedalabotomy 20:07 09 Jun 2008

Sorry posted in wrong place !

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