Failure of upgrade to download

  Volvo man 09:46 25 Sep 2003

An upgrade is unable to find or recognise the orginal programme despite being pointed to the right folder.

  alcudia 09:59 25 Sep 2003

It's not Photoshop 7.01 is it?

  Jester2K II 10:20 25 Sep 2003

I think I'll have to ask for a clue. Sorry, but psychic powers are weak this morning....

  alcudia 10:28 25 Sep 2003

The first patch released for Photoshop 7 failed to spot the installation, despite being pointed to it.

I am aware of a number of instances of this, and of others where there was no problem. Never did sort it out.

  Jester2K II 10:41 25 Sep 2003

Have you got confirmation from Volvo Man that was it??? Or just an educated guess??

  alcudia 10:49 25 Sep 2003

No. It's just a guess and certainly not educated.
The only other possibility I can think of is a problem with the version of Windows Installer.
Earlier versions of Paint Shop pro had this.

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