failure to copy dvd

  kench 12:52 16 Sep 2006

trying to copy a pre recorded dvd with nero but will not copy error message says Error reading data,Reading disc failed etc.allthough play back of prerecorded dvd plays fine on dvd player.

  ArrGee 12:55 16 Sep 2006

Some PC dvd units are just not cut out to the same spec as stand-alone. Make sure the disc is clean and free of any scratches.

Also, try using this:
click here

  €dstowe 13:19 16 Sep 2006

Many commercial DVDs are copy protected and need specialist software to overcome this protection.

As this software is on the wrong side of legality, this is not the correct forum to come to.

  ArrGee 13:24 16 Sep 2006

DVDShrink is not an illegal application, however the uses of it can be. kench has not stated the contents of the original pre-recorded DVD, neither has there been any statement for the use of the copy.

To make a snap assumption that the DVD is of a commercial nature seems to be an ill judgement. To state that this is not the correct forum to come to for a basic request is erring towards the absurd.

  ACOLYTE 13:40 16 Sep 2006

Nero wont copy protected content,which the DVD most likely is if its a shop brought DVD i think that's the problem you are having with Nero.

  €dstowe 13:44 16 Sep 2006

When you have stepped down from your high horse I can remind you that many "get around copy protection" programs have been discontinued under threat of legal action from copyright owners. It is a pedantic point to say that the software may not be illegal but its use can be.

Nero will normally copy DVDs that aren't copy protected and as Nero refuses to do so in this case leads me to suspect that there is something about the disk that is causing this.

It is true that kench has not stated the contents of his DVD. My statement was offered as a warning before doing anything that may be considered illegal if, indeed, the DVD is copy protected. Whether that advice is valid and whether he wishes to ignore it if it is depends on him.

I appreciate that it is unlikely that the modern equivalent of the Gestapo will pay a visit he kench does copy disks but it remains part of the philosophy of this forum that it doesn't promote illegal activity.

  Jak_1 14:34 16 Sep 2006

€dstowe is perfectly correct, however as he has stated there are programs to be found that will do this, a look at click here will show many of thee programs that can be downloaded.

The onus on using these programs rest with the user not using them for illegal purposes if the dvd is copyright protected. Most will allow copying for personal backup purposes only with no distribution to a 3rd party either for free or with payment of any kind.

The original question does suggest, through lack of stated reason that the purpose is to possibly copy to pass on considering that it is a pre-recorded DVD! I'm not saying that is the intention and kench could have avoided this debate by stating his intention in the first place.

  ArrGee 14:41 16 Sep 2006

'high horse'???!!! Crikey, someone's got his handbag up!

1. You are not the forum editor
2. My solution is not purely based in DVDShrink
3. You are not the forum editor
4. This forum is called 'helproom' and not 'will-someone-wag-their-finger-at-me-room'
5. You are not the forum editor
6. Assumption is the mother of all ....
7. You are not the forum editor

  kench 14:41 16 Sep 2006

the dvd is not copy protected ! the dvd in question has allready been copied to a dvd-r and i just want to copy that!

  ArrGee 14:43 16 Sep 2006

Good point well made

  ArrGee 14:43 16 Sep 2006

Thank you, good point well made.

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