Failure CD rom

  pierc113 18:09 18 Feb 2004

XPpro on start up i get "Boot from ATAPI CD rom failure" I have a CD rom and a DVD/CDRW combo i have checked the jumpers the DVD is the master and CD slave, It then gives me three or four options safe mode normal start etc

  [email protected] 18:19 18 Feb 2004

What excactly are trying to do?

  pierc113 18:21 18 Feb 2004

Nothing thats what i get when i press start button

  pierc113 13:59 21 Feb 2004

Anybody know why it always go's to that screen on start up

  Stuartli 14:21 21 Feb 2004

This was one possible solution offered in one forum (found from click here):

Look through all your BIOS settings for an option to "wake-on-LAN" or "boot from LAN" or "Boot from Network"... something along those lines. Disable it, save your BIOS changes and reboot. The error you are getting is caused by the PC looking for a boot device (HD, or floppy, or CD) and not finding it, then attempting to boot from a network. Also, confirm your hard drive is recognized correctly in BIOS.

PS Edit: If drive(s) is not recognized properly, double check that you have the correct cables, and that the correct ends are plugged in (ATA-66/100 cables... the blue connector has to be plugged into the mobo controller socket. On floppy cable, then end closer to the twisted section gets plugged into the floppy drive, and the red wire is oriented to PIN 1... usually PIN 1 is oriented toward the middle of the floppy drive case, not toward the outside edge).

  pierc113 14:38 21 Feb 2004

how do i get into my bios ? thanks

  pierc113 17:00 21 Feb 2004

(to get in the BIOS i had to press Del at start up)
I could not find anything to do with Lan or network the pc was used as part of a network. Here is some of the things in there:-
first boot device CDROM
Boot other devices...Enabled
APIC MODE...Enabled
A couple of CPU ones enabled
quick power on self test...enabled

  Stuartli 17:46 21 Feb 2004

Try the bootup as A,D - rather than D,A - i.e. bootup from a floppy.

  pierc113 18:32 21 Feb 2004

floppy first CDrom second still get ATAPI failure and took to the screen safe mode, normal start etc,

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