Failure to boot from Hard Drive

  Monco 17:28 08 Dec 2003

My PC running XP home recently fails to Boot from the hard drive, and asks for the installation CD. On rebooting from the reset button it starts OK. Is this maybe a hardware problem, or due to the cold weather? Sounds strange, I know, but I read this theory somewhere.
Thanks folks

  Diodorus Siculus 17:31 08 Dec 2003

Check for a setting like "fast boot" in the BIOS - it may be that the disk is not ready with the relevant info when it is queried by the BIOS. If Fast boot is selected, unselect it and see how it goes.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:25 27 Dec 2003

Did you give this a go?

  Monco 14:34 30 Dec 2003

Thanks to Diodorus Siculus who provided a pointer to something I tried, but for the opposite reasons. I found something in the BIOS called' boot easy', which cuts out the usual interrogation of the hard drive; IDE channels, etc. Presumably this gives the HD more time to start up, and cuts about 5 secs off boot time. Whether I am masking a prob. with the HD i don't know, but it works fine. Thanks

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