failure to boot with any hard drive (running XP Pr

  nickbrt 20:22 01 Jun 2005

Sons PC fired up one day with no internet and had lost all network settings. went to restore and all r/store points had gone. Started to re load windows and the pc started the following cycle
Boots up as far as the point where you expect windows to start White line at bottom appears and PC reboots have tried boot from CD abd HD same. Took HD and completed windows set up on other PC The HD WILL work ok in other machine and other machines HD will not work in problem PC Same cycle of re booting So we have a machine that fires up but will not complete boot sequence on any HD even ones I know work
Prob machine is about 4 yrs old Athlon 1.8 with 512 mb mem
Any ideas??

  Technotiger 21:13 01 Jun 2005

Hi, have you tried starting in Safe Mode?

  stalion 21:14 01 Jun 2005

Are you getting any post beeps?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 01 Jun 2005

REset BIOS to boot from CD

Insert XP CD and Boot

Press any key at the message near bottom of first screen

Let windows get to the Instal screen and press R to repair the windows setup on your drive.

REpair XP
click here

  DieSse 21:40 01 Jun 2005

As you alraedy know hat your hard drive and your Windows installation work fine, and the system gets way past the POST - then you have to look elsewhere.

First try resetting the CMOS to it's default settings, by going nto the BIOS setup. Whilst you're there, check the time shown - in case the clock has got wildly misset. If it has, and/or there are any other strange settings, you might suspect the CMOS battery.

My best next guess would be a memory problem - in the CMOS Disable the "quick or short test" setting. This runs a better memory test and may just show up a fault.

If you can change the memory around or substitute it with other memory, this too would help.

After that we are likely into the realm of power supply inadequacy, or motherboard, or cabling type problems, hich you will have to eliminate step-by-step.

I suggest you try a few things then let us know how you've got on.

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