failing PSU

  iqs 17:43 13 Jan 2010

Recently posted a thread regarding my PC randomly rebooting.
I know believe its my PSU failing.But what do you think.
I have checked the following things..

PC not overheating
Checked all the leads and reseated all cards etc
Installed a fresh copy of XP onto a new HDD
Ran memtest86,no errors were reported
All fans are clean and running correctly
No virus or malware detected
Checked the MB for any signs of damage,none were detected.

So the only thing I can think of is the PSU?


  howard64 17:45 13 Jan 2010

seems a reasonable suggestion - psu's are a relatively cheap item and easy to change - I like to have a spare always on hand.

  GaT7 17:48 13 Jan 2010

Try to borrow a suitable PSU to try before purchasing a replacement. If it's not the PSU, it could be the motherboard - some faults cannot be detected just by looking for physical damage. G

  iqs 21:29 13 Jan 2010

Hi and thanks for the replies.

I have a spare 450w I could use to test,but I will probably purchase a new PSU tomorrow.

In my opinion its either the PSU or MB,so I will change the PSU first.

I agree that some faults cannot be detected by the human eye.
I have a PCI post card,but the manual is poorly translated from Chinese to English.I thought using this would help confirm/eliminate the MB,I thought wrong.

So PSU then MB.


  GaT7 21:40 13 Jan 2010

Yes, it's ideal if you have a spare working PSU to test with. If you find it's not the PSU, you don't need to purchase one, do you?

"I have a PCI post card,but the manual is poorly translated from Chinese to English."

Me too! (Hides in shame). G

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