Failed wireless connection again

  Field Division 13:19 14 Jun 2010


I have just changed from BT broadband to Talk Talk and now after seting it up I am having the same issue I had when I first started with BT and that is can get Internet on LAN but not wireless although it has good signal strength and connected to router, cant remember what it was the helpdesk done to fix the BT issue as it was such a long time ago, but its croped up again with talk talk, I have changed channel from 1 to 7 carried out a winsock reset, ipconfig/all, deleted all BT s/w from both laptops that have same issue,selected windows to manage my connection but sits on aquiring network address, everything in properties setup seems fine WPA-TKIP, thanks in advance

  Ikelos 13:23 14 Jun 2010

may I make a point, have you double checked the phone lead that goes into the router, it took me ages to suss it out, the lead is not a tight fit, and that stops the signal,I put some tape over the top and forced it back in, perfect ever since.

  robin_x 13:40 14 Jun 2010

For clearest channel, download, run and click scan with inSSIDEr.

click here

(also works W7)

I found my neighbours all on Ch1,7 and 13.
Ch4 for me is clearest.

But that is all by the by. I think you have another problem.

Check your network setup and run it again.
SSID and password/phrase etc.

Try changing security from WPA to WPA2 or none or vice versa.

Put it to WPA2 when you have found and reconfigured your problem.

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