Failed Windows Updates

  arrow 10:54 09 Jul 2006

I am running WinME on a 2001 Evesham 1.4 GHz 60GB desktop. Since 15/04/05 I have failed to install 9 Windows Updates. Each time they download within 2 mins. and then after a further 3 hours they fail to install. When I try to close it the computer freezes and I have to press the restart button. I run Symantec Internet Security and Counterspy (both of which I disable when doing Win Updates) which I update and scan daily, and System Restore weekly. Today I got the message "System Restore cannot run until you restart the computer. Restart then run System Restore again." This I did and got the same message again! Please Help. Arrow.

  andrew-196854 13:07 09 Jul 2006

have you tried looking for the 9 windows updates and installing them one by one , each update will have a number i think its kb something, this link may help click here

  arrow 15:30 09 Jul 2006

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have tried to instal each update seperately with the same result as described above

  andrew-196854 16:34 09 Jul 2006

don t know if this works only a idea safe mode maybe

  arrow 14:45 11 Jul 2006

I am unable to get Win. Updates in safe mode.

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