Failed updates from Microsoft

  Migwell 08:24 12 May 2011

Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2522422) (KB2515325) (KB2492386) (KB982018) Installation date: ?04/?05/?2011 00:44 And a few other updates have tried on numerous occasions to install themselves on my computer. These have failed, then tries again and again until they have been successful. Is it OK to uninstall all those which have been listed as failed, or would you recommend that I should just leave them where they are?

  Seadog 09:08 12 May 2011

There's another thread on this a couple of weeks ago - I had a similar problem - try installing the updates one at a time, it takes a while but it has worked in most cases. Doesn't matter which order you do them in, just select one at a time.

  chub_tor 09:12 12 May 2011

If you mean the listing in Installed Updates that first show Failed and then Successful this is not a window from where items can be uninstalled, it is merely a listing of actions that have happened in the update process. If the updates finally show as successful then that is good and you need take no further action.

  Seadog 09:12 12 May 2011

I don't fully understand what you mean - if the updates are listed as "failed" they will not have installed so you can not uninstall them.

  iscanut 09:30 12 May 2011

As chub_tor says, the "failed to install" is only an advice and if the update(s) have subsequently installed OK, then you need do nothing.

  Migwell 23:54 12 May 2011

Thanks to all. I understand this a little more than I did. The updates in question have tried to install a few times but failed, but in the end they have installed and have been done so successfuly.

  Migwell 23:56 12 May 2011

I still can't see the green tick to close this post.

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