Failed in performing Power Calibration

  Audeal 13:03 26 Mar 2006

I use Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 to do all my burning to disk. I have, on occasions had problems when copying from one disk to another with a failure to copy and getting an error, which is "Failed in performing Power Calibration".

Does anybody know what this means and what I can do to overcome this problem. I have been trying to copy one of my DVD's I have on a DVD-RW since yesterday but can't find a way to do it.

Many Thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 26 Mar 2006

There are two common causes for power calibration errors.
1.Low Quality Media
At the start of each burn the drive will burn to a small section the the disc to adjust the laser power for the media being used. Low quality media is inconsistent and will frequently give hit or miss results during the power calibration. AN32, CMC and Moser Baer are common low quality media.
Keep in mind that many of the brands of media aren't actually made by the company selling them. To find out who actually manufactured the media you can use DVD Identifier.
click here
Some of the best makes of media to try are Ritek G04/G05, Verbatim Metal AZO, Maxell and Taiyo Yuden.
The only recourse for power calibration errors with low quality media is to update the firmware for your drive and hope it works. Here's a link to the best firmware page to be found:
click here
If you've never flashed a drive before I highly suggest checking out the forums there and read up on the process before attemting anything.

2.Your Burner Is Dying
This one is self-explanatory.
If you're using quality media, your firmware is up to date and you're still recieving power calibration errors then your old drive is dying or your new drive is most likely defective.

If problem in Nero then:
1 on desktop click start
2 select control panel
3 click on administrative tools
4 click on services
5 browse your way down to IMAPI CD BURNING COM SERVICE
6 right click (on IMAPI) then select properties
7 in the middle of the window it will say start up on the arrow to the right and select disabled.
8 make sure you click APPLY
you should notice that Nero starts alot faster aswell.

  Audeal 21:15 26 Mar 2006

Fruit Bat /\0/\ : I thank you for you indepth response and I do believe you number one option is the right one where you state that it could be low quality media.

When I first purchased my Pioneer DVD-RW I spent lots of £'s trying to find a brand which will actually work with my machine. After many failures I looked at some cheaper ones and found the present ones did work with almost 100 persent success, That is untill a couple of weeks ago when I started getting failures.

I have now tried to copy to them using trial and error. Some work and some do not. So I have now come to the conclusion that it must be the media as you have suggested.

I will look into your other suggestion to upgrade the firmware but I might not be able to handle that as it is a little to technical for me.

By the way, I do not use Nero as I find it to confusing to understand and therefore prefere to use Ulead Disk Creator as it is simple and straight forward.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 26 Mar 2006

I realised from your thread that you were not using Nero
however I posted the information about Nero for other members looking for power calibation answers who possibly are using Nero.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:23 26 Mar 2006

Ritek G04/G05 work well with my Pioneer 109

  Audeal 12:06 27 Mar 2006

I use the PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-107D. Anyway thanks for your help Fruit Bat, I understand things better now. I will tick this thread now.

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