Failed installation of Infrared USB adaptor..

  daba 23:36 24 Apr 2004

I'm using Win 98SE and have tried (believe me. I've tried) to get my new Edison-160 USB to IrDA adaptor to work.

My guess is I need to eradicate ALL traces of this device, and any IR services binding to it, and re-do the install completely.

But I need to know where to look in the registry to remove everything.

Any help would be appreciated.


  mgmcc 00:14 25 Apr 2004

If you have only very recently (last day or two) tried to install it, start the PC, press F8 to get the Boot Menu and select the option to start to a Command Prompt Only. At the "C:\>" prompt, type:

scanreg /restore

and press Enter. This will give you the option to restore an earlier version of the registry - i.e. prior to trying to install the IR device.

  daba 00:18 25 Apr 2004

scanreg /restore ?

are you sure this is a Win 98 feature ?

  woodchip 00:23 25 Apr 2004

Have you got it Infrared enabled in BIOS

  woodchip 00:24 25 Apr 2004

Have you got it Infrared enabled in BIOS, you will not get any go until you do

  Rtus 00:29 25 Apr 2004

definately yes....a W98 utility..

  daba 00:33 25 Apr 2004

woodchip, thanks, good point, missed that, checking later...

Rtus, realised have installed PowerDVD yesterday, but could still be worth a go, thanks.

Post back tomorrow after suggestions.

Cheers guys.

  mgmcc 00:34 25 Apr 2004

<<are you sure this is a Win 98 feature ?>>

Positive. At the "C:\>" prompt type:

scanreg /?

and press Enter It will display all of the "scanreg" options.

  woodchip 00:36 25 Apr 2004

Yes Scanreg/Restore is a Win98se

  Rtus 00:44 25 Apr 2004

I believe its a usb port device which controls the IrD function , Done search & what little I could find was, it seems you have to enable settings in Control panels device properties. what setting depends on exactly the model & phone speed!

  Rtus 00:48 25 Apr 2004

drat clicked to quick > you should have a small instalation hand book /manual supplied with it if not look to the Cd/ disk that came with it & search for above or PDF file / readme /troubleshooting references.

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