Failed e.mails

  Siani 00:07 28 Jan 2004

Hi, Could anyone tell me why I might be receiving loads (about 50 today) of failed e.mail messages for addresses that I haven't sent to and nor do I have them in my address book. Some of them say "test" in the subject line and several have attachments which obviously I haven't opened. Have run Mcafee and Norton which have shown no viruses. Thanks.

  DieSse 00:11 28 Jan 2004

Someone else, with you in their address book, has a virus which has "spoofed" your address as the sender - or a spammer has used your address as the sender. Can't be really helped, I'm afraid. Just hope it stops, and if not the only real cure is to change your email address.

Try talking to your ISP and see if they can do anything at all.

  johnnyrocker 00:13 28 Jan 2004

or contacting all your adress book to warn them and tell the that if they had za pro the virus would be blocked from sending.


  Jester2K 07:36 28 Jan 2004

or Anti virus (click here is free)
However as it depends on you being in someone else's address book they might not get the message unless they are in yours!

I get loads of these but from people who have my e-mail address (from my website) but i don't have theirs so i can't warn them.

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