Failed email with blind copies

  Cara2 20:12 01 Jun 2014


Sent email to main addressee and multiple blind copies. The email bounced back - presumably incorrect email address.

Does this mean that the blind copy recipients would also fail to receive the email?

  Cara2 20:28 01 Jun 2014

In addition to the above, I sent the email to around 100 recipients (not spam but information to our customers regarding our business hours).

Several have bounced back. Aside from incorrect email address - some of the bounced email refer to "The original message is over 5K. Message truncated". Is this because of the multiple recipients? The message itself was insignificant in size.

Is it not possible to send an email with so many blind copies?

  wee eddie 20:46 01 Jun 2014

Most ISP's would feel that such a long list is likely to be Spam, unless you have special arrangements

  Cara2 00:51 02 Jun 2014

Thanks for replies.

I am receiving responses so I guess that answers my question. I will, however, have to be mindful that multi recipients may prohibit everyone receiving the email due to a perceived idea of spam.

Cheers Cara

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