failed critical update.

  charlton200 18:23 04 Sep 2003


today i updated from internet explorer 5.5 to internet explorer 6 service pack 1.

this went ok.

then i had 4 patches and updates to do in the critical windows updates.

3 of these went ok but 1 failed and that was,

823559 security update for microsoft windows.

i have try again to no avail.i have tried rebooting and then tried it but no good.

is this update that important and if it is how do i get over this problem.

as alway i am most gratefully for any help.

  charlton200 20:09 04 Sep 2003

i forgot to say,

that when i try to install it again it says it has downloaded but it just wont install and then it comes up failed.

  Bill H 21:59 04 Sep 2003

Hi Charlton

I had some difficulty when I recently tried to do a load of updates. They seemed to fail just at the end of the installation and of course when I treid again the website thought that I'd already downloaded them. I was given the impression that they had failed but when I checked at length it turned out that they were all there.

I've since found that when I 'demand' updates - as opposed to automatic live updates - it tends to 'fail' - or at least that's what I'm told.

If in any doubt about downloading XP updates and you've got £15 to spare, the last two months' editions of the expensive Offical Windows XP Magazine have discs with all the XP updates since launch (the SP1 pack plus some others) and drivers too.

  spuds 22:43 04 Sep 2003

Microsoft will send you a SP1 for free.Only needs an email or phonecall. Try [email protected]

  cdb 22:56 04 Sep 2003

I had a problem installing updates and solved it by deleting the catroot2 folder, found here.
c/windows/system32/catroot2. Just change it's name if you're not happy about deleting it, it did rewrite itself tho.

  hvs 08:22 05 Sep 2003

I had the same problem with downloading the vey same patch and one or two others but after much thought I disabled the firewall (WIN xp firewall) and disabled the anti-virus while downloading and everything went smoothly and installed. Microsoft does warn users to disable any anti-virus programs while downloading!Try it, it may help!

  charlton200 12:57 05 Sep 2003

i am on windows me and i did disable firewall and antivirus before trying to install critical update.


  charlton200 19:38 05 Sep 2003

is this critical update that important? if i just forget about it because i can'nt install it .

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