Fading Photos

  User-8740C8C1-B75B-4656-B568BCAE878A7A30 04:49 25 Jan 2004

Digital Camra For a year Now, But prints displayed on my pin board have faded badly (not in direct sun light).
I have a Cannon i550 and have tried many 3rd party and Canon inks and paper.
Is it possible to get a lasting print. Is it the ink the paper or both

  Chegs ® 05:32 25 Jan 2004

Probably bit of both,but higher proportion of blame goes to the inks.

  Way1 08:21 25 Jan 2004

If you want a quick result, you may have to buy an Epson printer and use Epson paper. This company appear to have addressed the fading problen in recent years. Canon are supposed to be doing the same, by launching new products later this year ie. ink or paper, or both.

  anchor 14:32 25 Jan 2004

As Way1 said, Epson have addressed this problem

click here

All pictures, including ordinary prints from a 35mm film, will eventually fade. The cheapest way round this is to just reprint the picture on your Canon when the colours deteriorate.

  jakimo 15:46 25 Jan 2004

As already said,you should use OEM premium paper\ink,and display behind glass if displaying in daylight.some epson photopapers\ink claim fadeproof for over 20 years in daylight and behind glass

  Sheila-214876 17:31 25 Jan 2004

I have a photo printed on non-epson paper with non-epson ink, framed, behind glass and hung on a wall that has the sun on it (when we get some) most of the day. It hasn't faded yet and has been there for 4 years now.

  jakimo 19:58 25 Jan 2004


you dont say what brand of inkjet printer,what brand of photo paper and ink

  Sheila-214876 11:55 26 Jan 2004

jakimo. You're right I didn't. The printer is an Epson 915, the glossy photo paper and the compatible ink came from Choice Stationery at click here. uk They also do compatible ink for the Canon i550 at £2.78 each for black, yellow, cyan and magenta.

  Sheila-214876 11:57 26 Jan 2004

Sorry, the link had a space in it. It should be click here

  jakimo 01:23 28 Jan 2004


Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm very puzzled how your 4 year old print was produced on an Epson 915,as it was not in production until 2003?

  Edstow 10:41 28 Jan 2004

If you go to a graphic arts shop you should be able to get UV absorbing film or acetate to place over the print. It will not entirely eliminate fading but it will help. You can also get lacquers to do the same job.

Also, have a look at this for a technical viewpoint click here

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