Faded flat screen monitor

  Al Davies 12:04 24 Sep 2011


I have a Dell flat screen monitor and of late the screen appears to have "faded". If I view from directly in front, the images appear faint and details cannot be seen clearly: the "enter information" boxes for banking sites for example.

However, if I lean to the side and view at an angle of perhaps 30 degrees, then the screen looks fine and the type-in boxes appear clearly.

This seems contrary to what would be expected on a TV screen with a narrow viewing angle.

Can anything be done?


  northumbria61 14:11 24 Sep 2011

If you are able to try another monitor then that is the first thing I would do as this would rule out a possible Graphics card failure. If the results are the same then it may be time to look at your Graphics card - this could be failing.

  northumbria61 14:14 24 Sep 2011

You could try checking all your connections and with your PC switched off carefully remove your Graphics card and remove any dust from the card and slot itself with a soft brush or careful blowing (air canister) before re-seating the card and switching on.

  gengiscant 15:02 24 Sep 2011

It could also be that your monitor is failing,either way trying another monitor or your TV will tell you if it is indeed the GPU or monitor.

  Al Davies 15:10 24 Sep 2011

Many thanks folks.

I will try another monitor though I only have an old CRT.

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