Factory Restore v Reformatting

  Legslip 08:46 05 Aug 2010

Can anyone advise if doing a factory resore is as effective as a complete reformat of the HD and reinstallation of Windows? A Fact Rest. is so much quicker but is it as effective for getting rid of 'old crud' that has collected.

  Graham. 09:08 05 Aug 2010

Either will do. A factory restore will put back all those things you don't want, Norton, AOL, etc. Depending on which version of Windows you have, OEM for instance, that may do the same.

Have you changed/added any partitions?

  Batch 09:10 05 Aug 2010

So called factory restores vary in terms of how much impact they have.

My brother's Evesham PC had a restore capability based on PC Angel (the Lite version I seem to recall). With this I recall you could select different levels of restore. A complete factory reset which would reset the PC to how it was when you opened the box (and so losing ALL your data and apps that you had installed). A lite reset (which would leave data and apps in tact but Windows). I think there was also something in between.

Certainly a complete factory reset is much quicker than installing Windows from scratch. But a downside can be that leaves you with a whole mass of bundled software that you may not want and have to uninstall (sometimes with difficulty).

An alternative to factory restores, if you can preplan, is to use disk imaging software (such as Acronis True Image) to create an image soon after you get your PC and then you can always restore that at a later date.

  Legslip 09:14 05 Aug 2010

Thanks people. Got to pop out for a few hours but will reply later.

  woodchip 09:28 05 Aug 2010

Removes all the Old OS its like doing a Format, only problem is that you have to start removing all the Dross that was loaded when you bought the PC, this will leave files on the drive that just clutter it up. A Format and reinstall from the OEM CD does a complete clear out and you then have to start loading all drivers for the computer Motherboard ones first, then graphics and sound. Followed by Programs

  Legslip 13:31 05 Aug 2010

Thanks for responses. If a factory restore does a thorough job but puts suppliers 'crud' back on the PC it may still be a quicker option to go to Add/Remove and uninstall the unnecessary programms. Given the options, on what has been stated I'll take this one.
Thanks for the feedback.

  woodchip 14:27 05 Aug 2010

Yes it will be Faster, you will then need to download all updates including SP1 and 3 no need for 2 as 3 as it in it

  Legslip 18:16 05 Aug 2010

Thanks Woodchip. Noted, but if it's Vista does Serv Pack 2 cover Serv Pack 1?

  woodchip 21:43 05 Aug 2010

No idea about Vista. Best download them all that MS offer you. other than ones you do not want. If you set Updates to Manual you can run it from the Start Menu and choose Custom Updates so you can remove ticked boxes that you do not want. suggest you download all security updates

  Legslip 23:08 05 Aug 2010

Woodchip. Thanks for your support and as always, greatly appreciated.

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