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factory recovery media hard drive

  Laurence WM 12:45 17 Feb 2016

I've used an external hard drive as 'factory recovery media' for my Dell PC:

click here I use the spare space on the drive for storing other files?

Thanks a lot, Laurence


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 17 Feb 2016

Yes you can

The recovery media creator will have made a boot partition (do not delete or add files into this partition) and a drive image on your external drive.. It shouldn't be a problem adding files but personally I would create another partition on the drive and use that for saving your files to.

  mole1944 17:49 17 Feb 2016

Or just get an external drive.

  Laurence WM 12:03 18 Feb 2016

Thanks a lot, Fruitbat: I appreciate this useful information.

Best wishes, Laurence

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