Facebook Virus - Bredolab

  Peter Lanky 17:41 22 Feb 2010

Despite all the warnings, one of my family has received an email about Facebook passwords, and has clicked on the file, which immediately filled the screen with a virus warning (we use AVG).

Reading up, it seems this virus is called Bredolab. Immediate symptoms seems to be programmes not opening properly. I've done some research, and can find plenty of warnings saying not to open this file, but nothing to say what to do when it has been opened.

Is it a reformat case, or is it possible to get away with lesser repairs?

  ubuntu1user1jb 17:59 22 Feb 2010

AVG should have deleted this file but if not then try use norton from PC advisor cover dvd if you get the pc advisor magazine. Or try different anti virus.

You could also try download spybot or use system restore. If any of the advice given on this thread does not work then it time to reformat the machines :(

i hope any of the advices works!

  Woolwell 18:05 22 Feb 2010

Don't run 2 anti-virus products at the same time.

Download Malwarebytes free click here and run that preferably in safe mode.

  Devil Fish 18:39 22 Feb 2010

online scan with trend micro housecall no need to uninstall existing AV click here

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