Facebook - unrecognised search history entry

  foxesden 20:46 22 May 2017

Hi everyone, looking at my facebook search history there is an entry for 10.38am today that was not made by me. The search was for '92 sounds'. I have never heard of them and it turns out it is a music channel. Now, I most definitely did not make this search, which has shown up twice since during the afternoon. There is only myself and my wife here. At 10.38am I was doing some photo editing and my wife was in the garden. The phone lay undisturbed in the house. Has anyone any idea how these entries got on my facebook search history. It is quite worrying. My facebook page is used very little and has draconian privacy settings. I have 4 friends only on it. Nobody could guess my password, it is complicated. I'm baffled! Help much appreciated.

  lotvic 21:02 22 May 2017

Follow this guide (with screenshots) ClickHere facebook view-your-active-facebook-sessions Step 5: The Device Type field shows the device or browser that was used and Location field where (not exact of course but approximate) and the date of course shows the date/time of last activity in that session.

  foxesden 21:25 22 May 2017

Many thanks lotvic. Have just looked at the sessions and there are only entries from my own IP address. Still baffled.

  lotvic 22:38 22 May 2017

I can only suggest you log out each time so that password is required to login every session. Also consider changing your password.

  foxesden 19:35 23 May 2017

Thanks again. I will follow your advice, but would still like to find out how this could happen. No further unknown entries today.

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