facebook page loading issue!

  gazmix 09:34 20 Jan 2010

When i log in to Facebook, i can't do anything like send a message, open my inbox, post on a wall etc!
I get the message 'oops, something went wrong, try later' & i get the page is loading icon & then
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
This happened last night & today, although 1st time i logged in from overnight, it worked!

All other sites are ok, so is it just facebook playing up!! others seems to post ok!

Am wondering if its a general problem that happens regularly as i can't logout etc!

  gazmix 09:42 20 Jan 2010

I'm just wondering if its a problem with my server or security as its been like this 2 days now & others seem to be able to post!

If all other sites work ok, does it rule out any problems with my pc or server?

  gazmix 10:35 20 Jan 2010


i can only get certain pages!! If it was a server issue could it only be affecting me??
Others seem to be able to post! Does this regularly occur with that site?
I'm getting anxious as i need to contact family abroad & answer emails!!

Can anyone help??

  DANZIG 11:26 20 Jan 2010

I'm getting that as well, as are numerous of my contacts.

I think its something to do with the evil Facebook itself.

Also the mobile version of it is a bit knackered as well.

I find it happens on quite a regular basis

  gazmix 12:14 20 Jan 2010

Are you DANZIG, i'm wondering if it can be a problem too with what ISP facebook is on, i dunno as lots of people i have contacted via sms here are ok with Facebook & can post!

I can view pages like profile, homepage, other profiles, but can't get into inbox, chat, post wall messages & sometimes when i go to a page, it just goes blank with my options at the top & stops loading!!
That 'oops' error box is really annoying as 'try soon'!! is now 24hrs

  DANZIG 14:20 20 Jan 2010

Well, I'm on Virgin at home and use T-mobile on my phone.

It seems to go in fits and spurts (to use a technical term). Sometimes its OK and other times its dire.

Weeks and months go by with no issue, then its appalling for a few days.

I don't think its that much to worry about, generally after a brief period of this and when it goes back to normal, you'll find that the evil FB have changed or added some feature

  CurlyWhirly 23:36 21 Jan 2010

I see that I'm not the only one affected by this!

It really gets annoying as it seems to happen nearly every time I go on the Facebook site.

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