Facebook - How to signup for a second account - Please HELP

  Shikaree 17:23 29 Jun 2013

Dear Folks,

Could anyone HELP and let me how to Signup for a Second Account in Facebook



  rdave13 18:15 29 Jun 2013

Not sure I understand but can't you just create another account with a slightly different name and different email address? If it's auto logging in run Ccleaner to remove the auto log in. Make sure you remember your details first.

  Shikaree 19:32 29 Jun 2013

Would I be able to do this on the same computer?


  rdave13 19:43 29 Jun 2013

I can't see why not but don't let your browsers 'remember' the log in details.

  AroundAgain 22:20 29 Jun 2013

Yes, I have two Facebook accounts. For the second account, I used an alternative email address and entered my personal details, ie name by initials and surname rather than first name and surname which I have for my first account.

Yes, my computer will remember the passwords for both. To log in, I just click in the box where it asks for email or phone, select the email address which appears just below, password for that account appears as stars, then click on log in.

To then change to your 'other' account, click on the 'cog' near the top on the right side, click on sign out and you get the same page as you started at. Just click in the email/phone box, select the account you want to access etc etc etc ...

I hope this has helped you. Cheers

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