Facebook has become almost unuseable on my PC

  wee eddie 10:17 29 Nov 2016

I have run CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Kaspersky AV.

I keep getting the "loading " Logo, same with BBC iPlayer of late.

Have I a problem with my PC or are others having similar problems.

Is the solution an Advert Blocker and if so, which one? Or what

  Govan1x 10:24 29 Nov 2016

FB Purity will get rid of the adds on it if you want to try that. It does make the page a bit bare looking but gets rid of all the new adds etc that they have recently put on it.

I have to say that I have no problem in the running of Facebook with or without the adds.

  bumpkin 10:31 29 Nov 2016

Adblock Plus probably.

  wee eddie 11:08 29 Nov 2016

I have installed Adblock Plus. I'm not yet sure if this is the solution

  Govan1x 13:07 29 Nov 2016

wee eddie

Probably not. I have been reading that Adblock blocks some adds and Apple counteract with a repair of some sort so that the adds still show.

It will be interesting to see how you get on though.

  wee eddie 14:17 29 Nov 2016

Adblock was not the answer.

I have checked my Download/Upload speeds using a couple of different Sites and am getting 43 - 46 Mbps and 9 - 11 Mbps, which is consistent with my expectations.

What is happening is that when I try to respond, within Facebook, after a half a dozen letters, Facebook stops responding and I get the blue Downloading Loop. I then have to wait until it finishes and type half a dozen more, and so on. Very frustrating. However, if I paste quantities of text from Word, there seems to be little/no problem

  rdave13 15:32 29 Nov 2016

Open Control panel - security and maintenance, expand maintenance and click on 'view reliability history'. Check what errors, if any, are showing there. Also worth opening task manager, set to smallest size without losing the named columns, select options, select 'always on top'. Tuck it out of the way as much as possible so you can continue to type in Facebook and check the CPU column usage. Scroll down to see if a process/s is running high. You can right click the process and select 'search online' for info. Could give a clue as to the problem.

  Forum Editor 16:08 29 Nov 2016

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  wee eddie 15:24 04 Dec 2016

Removal of AdBlock Plus seems to have solved the problem.

However the problem was there before I installed AdBlock.

I don't understand

  wee eddie 10:32 07 Dec 2016

All is back to normal.

There is just a possibility that I had both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus installed and they conflicted.

However, I don't remember installing both and only one was on my CCleaner Program list and I uninstalled it from there.

However something has removed many of the Adverts from my PC, for which I am eternally grateful.

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