Facebook has become almost unuseable on my PC

  wee eddie 10:17 29 Nov 2016

I have run CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Kaspersky AV.

I keep getting the "loading " Logo, same with BBC iPlayer of late.

Have I a problem with my PC or are others having similar problems.

Is the solution an Advert Blocker and if so, which one? Or what

  Govan1x 10:24 29 Nov 2016

FB Purity will get rid of the adds on it if you want to try that. It does make the page a bit bare looking but gets rid of all the new adds etc that they have recently put on it.

I have to say that I have no problem in the running of Facebook with or without the adds.

  bumpkin 10:31 29 Nov 2016

Adblock Plus probably.

  wee eddie 11:08 29 Nov 2016

I have installed Adblock Plus. I'm not yet sure if this is the solution

  Govan1x 13:07 29 Nov 2016

wee eddie

Probably not. I have been reading that Adblock blocks some adds and Apple counteract with a repair of some sort so that the adds still show.

It will be interesting to see how you get on though.

  wee eddie 14:17 29 Nov 2016

Adblock was not the answer.

I have checked my Download/Upload speeds using a couple of different Sites and am getting 43 - 46 Mbps and 9 - 11 Mbps, which is consistent with my expectations.

What is happening is that when I try to respond, within Facebook, after a half a dozen letters, Facebook stops responding and I get the blue Downloading Loop. I then have to wait until it finishes and type half a dozen more, and so on. Very frustrating. However, if I paste quantities of text from Word, there seems to be little/no problem

  Forum Editor 16:08 29 Nov 2016

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  wee eddie 15:24 04 Dec 2016

Removal of AdBlock Plus seems to have solved the problem.

However the problem was there before I installed AdBlock.

I don't understand

  wee eddie 10:32 07 Dec 2016

All is back to normal.

There is just a possibility that I had both AdBlock and AdBlock Plus installed and they conflicted.

However, I don't remember installing both and only one was on my CCleaner Program list and I uninstalled it from there.

However something has removed many of the Adverts from my PC, for which I am eternally grateful.

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