Facebook, friendly or best avoided?

  Diemmess 10:33 27 Feb 2012

Am at the age where all my grandchildren are computer literate and those over 18 (five of them) all use Facebook.

I am reluctant to sign up, but am missing a lot of the amusement side of things by keeping my head down so far. Email is an essential part of my life and like most people sufficient for purpose.

Am I just a fuddy duddy?

Is it possible to use facebook merely as an onlooker without having to reveal to others any part of myself?

  Woolwell 10:38 27 Feb 2012

You have to be very careful what you put in your profile (as little as possible), how you set the security settings and who you accept as your "friends". IMO providing you are careful then you can use Facebook as an onlooker. You do not have to post or comment. This forum, and especially Speaker's Corner, can reveal as much as Facebook at times.

  Woolwell 10:40 27 Feb 2012

Oh - be surprised at what people do post. Some have no idea of privacy or what others may not find funny.

  lotvic 11:15 27 Feb 2012

"Is it possible to use facebook merely as an onlooker without having to reveal to others any part of myself"

That's what I have done, I used a 'pet' first name and surname (not my real one) and gave no details of myself. I made my profile private (not public) and only available to 'friends' Then got nieces to 'make me a friend' so that I can see and participate on posting on their wall and comment on their photos etc.

My 'Wall' doesn't have anything posted on it.

  Diemmess 11:44 27 Feb 2012

Woolwell and lotvic Thank you both, most helpful. I'll probably print off what lotvic said as a prompt when I sign on.

  iscanut 11:55 27 Feb 2012

Use email by all means but avoid Facebook like the plague !

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