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  bwallx 18:15 14 Nov 2013

Tried to login to FB and got message the account was blocked as I or someone had tried to login from an unrecognised address or location. I was then sent on a wild goose hunt.

To keep it short, I was required to verify my identity by receiving a code in a text message to my mobile phone. But the number they had was old and no longer in use. So I couldn't receive the code.

I searched all of FB for ways to contact them for help. This is impossible.FB clearly don't wish to get involved with user problems, and instead I was directed to a community forum. But to use it I had to log in to FB!!!

I went on other forums and found a couple of email addresses and sent off a request to unblock my account. I got a reply quickly. I detailed how I needed to send documentation to prove my business/company address. WTF?? What is that about? It also said I had to send personal ID such as a passport. I had already done this some months before when a similar situation had arisen.

Another email from FB said I'd requested to retrieve a forgotten password. WTF? What?? Nevertheless I followed this procedure, hoping it would help. It didn't.

I then found a page on FB that told me I could use my secret name to login with. The info said to goto the forgotten password page and click on the "I can no longer access my email" link when I would be given the chance to login with the alternative info. Not true. I clicked the link and received an email saying I had requested my account be deactivated!! WTF!!

Helpfully that email said if I hadn't made that request, all I had to do was log into my account as normal. Yeah. Sure! I use my FB login to access several other sites so now I am locked out of those too.

The problem all arose because I log into Facebook from different computers, browsers and IP addresses. I told them this on the two previous occasions they invoked security measures to protect me. I don't WANT protecting thank you Facebook. What gives you the right to screw up my online experience in the my name? If I wish to log on from wherever, I will and you had better live with it!I am happy to sign a disclaimer absolving FB from any litigation arising from my wish not to me hung drawn and quartered by their bizarre desire to "protect" me. I take responsibility for myself thank you very much so butt out Facebook.

  bwallx 18:19 14 Nov 2013

  bwallx 18:21 14 Nov 2013

Forgot to tick subscribe to replies so this is only way to do by replying to myself. Brilliant!

  rdave13 20:03 14 Nov 2013

Try to report the issue again, click here

  rdave13 20:18 14 Nov 2013

Try hacking your own account lol. click here

  bwallx 20:20 14 Nov 2013

Thanks. I've used that. Although it does say


Thanks for your feedback. We aren't responding to each email we receive through this channel, but we may reach out to you for more info as we work on improving this experience."

Not exactly encouraging! And why is such a page so hard to find? I'll let you know the outcome.

  bwallx 20:27 14 Nov 2013

Thanks rdave, tried that but FB won't accept the code!!

Got a reply from the link which is as useless as expected as it totally ignores my problem!


Your Facebook account is temporarily locked as a security precaution. Here's how you can get back in:

  1. Try logging into your account and completing the recovery steps from a computer or mobile phone you’ve previously used to log into Facebook. You can start the recovery process here:

click here
2. If you're still having trouble regaining access to your account, please reply to this email and attach a certificate of incorporation or other proof of the legitimacy of your business, such as a:

  • Utility bill
  • Local business license (issued by your city, county, state, etc.)
  • Tax filing
  • Certificate of Formation (for a partnership)
  • Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation)

Note: Your name must be on the document you submit.

If you haven't already, please also attach a copy of your personal ID. You can review what types of ID we accept and how to send your attachments over a secure connection here:

click here note that we can't process your request until you provide ID that meets these requirements. In the meantime, your account will remain hidden on the site as a safeguard.

Thanks, The Facebook Team

Cleary a boilerplate reply.


  rdave13 20:47 14 Nov 2013

Create a new account then notify your friends? Funny how you read how unsecure farcebook is and this happens. I dabbled for a while gaming with my two sisters on facebook and all of a sudden my gold points were being deducted (in the game), different comments made, and potentially damaging comments were made to family members by insidious comments. This was over a year ago so I deleted, permanently, my account. I still feel it is one of the most unsafe sites to be a member of. Just my opinion though. Possibly farcebook can't even manage an 'upgrade' of their security without messing that up as well.

Me? I steer well clear of such sites.

  lotvic 21:38 14 Nov 2013

It advises click here to wait 10 hours then to try logging in again from your usual device.

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