F11 key doesn't work ...

  Graham. 12:08 10 Sep 2010

... on some pages. For example, once click here has started, it doesn't work. Anything known, please?

  Sea Urchin 12:22 10 Sep 2010

No problems here in both IE and Firefox

  birdface 12:48 10 Sep 2010

F11 key normally makes the window larger or smaller is this what you are trying to do.
If so it worked ok with me.

  lotvic 12:50 10 Sep 2010

Yes, same for me, F11 full screen works if I do it before I start the slideshow, but not once I have clicked on play, even if I pause slideshow F11 has no effect. I have to put mouse cursor at top of screen to get the top taskbar to show so that I can 'escape' from the slideshow to another tab then F11 will work again.

  lotvic 12:53 10 Sep 2010

my first post was meant for you, Yes I have the same problem with F11.
I am using Firefox

  mole44 13:21 10 Sep 2010

try swithching F Lock on

  lotvic 14:17 10 Sep 2010

try swithching F Lock on"

?? what's that supposed to mean? Don't know about Graham. but I am on a desktop pc

  Woolwell 14:47 10 Sep 2010

You may need that on some keyboards and some laptops. But I don't think that is the problem. Like you once the slideshow starts running F11 doesn't work. This is on Opera and Firefox. More worryingly I started the slideshow in Opera in fullscreen and then couldn't use escape or F11 to revert without clicking to change to a different part of the website. It seems to be the wway the site is designed.

  Graham. 14:50 10 Sep 2010

It's ironic that it should happen on a page where you really need it.

  MAT ALAN 15:09 10 Sep 2010

no idea exactly what your issue is...

might help

The F11 key goes into and out of Full Screen mode. Hiding and showing the toolbars happens to be a side effect of this, but if you can't get them to show either way, something else is hiding them.

Try right-clicking on the toolbar and looking for Customize or View/View Toolbars. You should find a way of turning on missing toolbars there.

A menu item under View may also enable you to get back missing toolbars.

  Sea Urchin 16:11 10 Sep 2010

It seems to be the way the site is designed.

Not here it isn't - my F11 key works before and during the running of the slide show in Firefox and IE. (and after!)

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