F11 to enlarge on line page

  gjn2 18:36 09 Jun 2004

Until a recent hard disk reformat, if I pressed F11, the bars at the top & bottom of screen would minimise and the Favourites column to the left would recede gracefully. Now, the Favourites column won't go away.
Please can someone tell me how to get back to the old set up.
Apologies if this has appeared twice. I entered it (or thought I had) a few days ago, but now can find no trace.


  User-312386 18:43 09 Jun 2004

Have you clicked on the favourites at the top? (the star)

  gjn2 20:38 09 Jun 2004

Thanks, Madboy. Certainly I can get rid of the favourites column by closing it, but I promise you it used to disappear all on its own when I pressed F11. Pressing F11 again would bring back all the bars at top & bottom plus the favourites.

  rawprawn 21:08 09 Jun 2004

Yep, mine works, but I didn't know you could do that until this thread.I know it doesn't solve your problem but thanks. Have you tried a system file scan? Start/ Run/Type sfc /scannow you will need your OS disc. Good luck.

  Tim1964 00:04 10 Jun 2004

What browser are you using?

  hugh-265156 00:10 10 Jun 2004

right click an empty part of the toolbar and click 'auto-hide'

  hugh-265156 00:11 10 Jun 2004

move your mouse to the top of the screen and it will appear again so long as you hover the mouse over that area.

  Pesala 05:47 10 Jun 2004

Nobody figured it out yet? I tried yesterday with no joy. You have to do this in Fullscreen mode. With the favourites or folders showing, press F11 to go into fullscreen mode. click here to see the icon you need to press to autohide the favourites/folders panel. Although you can right-click on the TOOLBAR to autohide it, you cannot do this with the favourites panel, and the autohide button is not available unless you are in fullscreen mode.

  gjn2 09:26 10 Jun 2004

Thanks everyone.
Tim, I use Internet Explorer.
Huggy71, Right clicking empty part of toolbar didn't produce autohide. As Pesala pointed out, you must be in full screen mode to see it.
Pesala, Your first suggestion clears all the toolbars etc., but the Favourites column still remains on the left. Your "click here" produces an "autohide" item but clicking on that has no effect at all. I've probably missed something ?


  gjn2 09:32 10 Jun 2004

Rawprawn, Sorry, I didn't acknowledge your idea. System File Scan sounds a bit complicated to me, a rather elderly chap flirting with the 21st century. I can't help thinking that there's just a simple adjustment reqd. to get me back to where I was before my virus driven reformat.

  fitshase 09:55 10 Jun 2004

Pesala is correct. However, you need to click the icon then click elsewhere on the webpage and the favourites will move off screen.

If you just click the button and wait, nothing will happen.



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