F1 which Sky sport?

  maltose 12:11 29 Jul 2011

The sad news has just broken that BBC will not provide coverage of all F1s from next year. So this F1 addict must reluctantly join Sky. However, there appear to be many Sky sport channels so which one will carry F1?

  Confab 12:21 29 Jul 2011

I thought that the BBC will be showing half of the races. Either way it's bad news for us Freeview users.


  Nontek 12:31 29 Jul 2011

Yes, BBC will still be showing half the races, in addition it will also be showing all Main Highlights.

At least that is how understand it.

  bremner 13:08 29 Jul 2011

As the F1 season runs March - Nov so it will cross the end and beginning of the football season. Super Sunday football has always been on Sky Sports 1.

So it seems likely you will need the Sky Sports package which gives all the Sports Channels

  maltose 15:03 29 Jul 2011

Thanks Bremner but I remain confused. As I see it I can subscribe to Sports 1 (£12.00), sports 2 (12.00) or all Sky Sports (£20.00). Will Sky announce on which channel F1 will be and historically do they change channels for specific sports?

  Confab 15:31 29 Jul 2011

I wouldn't put it past Sky to sometimes show it on Sports 1 and sometimes on Sports 2 or even have it as a pay-per-view event!

  bremner 15:52 29 Jul 2011

It will not be pay per view.

Best guess would be SS2 because of Sky's football and Test cricket commitments. However it can only be speculation.

Sky will undoudtedlt trailer it for months before hand so you will have plenty of time to make your mind up.

  Strawballs 16:12 29 Jul 2011

The teams are unhappy with the deal because they want their sponsors to get the widest audience possible. I also am very unhappy as my Virgin package does not inc Sky sports because until now they have not shown motor racing, mind you I have all the movie channels and it will only cost me an extra £8 to add all the sport channels

  cocteau48 17:03 29 Jul 2011

Ecclestone is quoted as saying that this is great news for fans - getting coverage on two mainstream channels!

How does that work Bernie as the coverage was already on the one channel which it is virtually mandatory to have before you decide to watch anything else?

As usual it's got nothing to do with the fans - it's down to the money and nothing else.

I have been a motor racing fan since for as long as I can remember but I shall not be shelling out an extra cent to line the pockets of either Ecclestone or Murdoch.

If the beeb wants to save some cash they could start by showing only edited highlights of The Grand National or Wimbledon or definitely the ruddy darts and snooker.

  rdave13 19:49 29 Jul 2011

The only sport I drop tools to watch is being removed to Sky. It hurts but if the Beeb saves £50 million by doing so, I'll look forward to a slight drop in the licence fee........ cough.

  morddwyd 20:35 29 Jul 2011

It will probably be a movable feast on Sky.

I already watch a lot of motor sport on Sky and it varies between channels, and whether the native broadcaster is transmitting in HD or not.

For instance when a big event like Wimbledon is on, and no doubt the Olympics next year, Sky puts it on the sports channel which has the most subscribers, and motors sport goes anywhere it's convenient

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