F Secure anti virus turns itself off.

  Al Davies 10:26 02 Oct 2013

Monday evening I turned on my PC and had a warning that my F Secure Anti virus was not functioning. I checked and saw that Virus and Spyware scanning and also Spam and phishing filtering were both showing a malfunction.

Then I had a message to restart my computer. I did that and all appeared well.

Last night at 19:00 hrs I turned on my PC and again had the same warning as above with both malfunctions showing. It seemed OK this morning.

I then noticed that the last update was at 09:46 this morning. I tried to update manually but it would not connect to your system for quite some time.

It has now finally connected and seems to have performed an update.

Can you tell me what the problem is please.

  RebeccaKiely 16:31 02 Oct 2013

We are very sorry to hear of this problem. To rectify this as quickly as possible, you need to first run an FSDIAG on your PC. Here are instructions on how to do it: click here

Once you have done this, contact our customer services via this webform, so that you can attach the FSDIAG to it. Here's the webform: click here you would prefer, our number is 0870 0130 794, but you'll still need to run the FSDIAG before calling.

Alternatively, you can check our community for help: click here

Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

F-Secure UK Team


  Al Davies 10:38 03 Oct 2013

I did raise a query with F Secure Support but have not seen a response.

Ticket No 1-646498223

Seems to be working OK at present but will do as you suggest if the problem returns

Thanks for your help with this.

Best wishes


  Al Davies 09:55 21 Oct 2013

Well folks,

Tech Support advised me to update to F Secure 2014 and remove any other security software.

I removed Trusteer Rapport even though my banks strongly advise that I use it for banking protection. F Secure still switched off as above so I upgraded to F Secure 2014. All went OK for a couple of days but this morning I had an “anti-virus turned off” warning from Windows. I looked at Computer Security on F Secure and it said I was protected. Then about five minutes later F Secure woke up and told me there was an “anti-virus malfunction. Please restart your computer”.

I have done that ( twice ) and now it seems OK. I guess this should not be happening. Tech Support did invite me to give them remote access to my PC to have a look at the problem but I am not inclined to do that. I also note that the F Secure icon sometimes disappears from the system tray/notification area. Will now follow the advice above from F Secure UK and see what happens.

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