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F drive is appearing on my computer but

  laptopdunce 16:07 14 Aug 2016

I am getting an F drive ESP appearing on my computer, it is showing as being 246mb free of 296mb, I have a feeling this was an SD card that I trasnferred some photos from, but there are no other USB drives or otherwise connected to my laptop but this F drive keeps appearing, what should I do? is there a way to delete it? when I click on it to open it it comes up with a banner saying "you do not have permission to access this folder" and then "continue" when I click this it says I have been denied access to this folder again and to go to the security tab, but I cant get into that, what should I do? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 23:24 24 Aug 2016

I suspect this is Windows updates or something to do with Windows making these changes

You suspect correctly. click here some have found the next update fixes it /and/or a reboot. From that I conclude it's best to ignore it and the next update will sort it out.

  laptopdunce 07:52 25 Aug 2016

OK, it was a NIGHTMARE on the "Dutch" laptop, it would only get rid of the wrongly appearing ESP F drive via the Administrator mode but that was TERRIBLE to get out of and get back to my "standard" account user setting, finally managed it, it really doesnt give me any faith in Windows, especially when I heard on BBC radio 4 that the new Windows 10 is causing so many problems with people using it for certain word processing tasks, one girl who sends her CV's via email for jobs found it wasnt attaching her CV to emails for jobs, she said she would NEVER trust windows again and had already bought a Mac, Cant blame her! and one American decorator who sued Microsoft (successfully) because this new W10 screwed up his business!! Im jsut glad I used the programme to stop Windows from hijacking my W8.1 laptops, my old W7 "spare" laptops work fine!! Laptopdunce (icidentally it is Windows who had made it impossible on my W8.1 laptops to be able to erase photos from an SD card!!! but I can on my W7 laptop.

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