eZuka and other 'scumware'

  Demora 20:37 19 Mar 2004


Over the past week I have gone nuts trying everything I could find on the internet to get rid of this little beast. One site says adaware will shift it NOT SO. I tried everything I could find even hacking the registry with keys that Internet clean up daid it removes. I have Spyware blaster and spywareguard running but its still getting on the pc.

Short of formatting the hdd and starting all over the only optuon so far is not to use the internet until I can stop this thing.



  Lionheart ? 20:40 19 Mar 2004

Have you tried Spybot click here

  Demora 20:58 19 Mar 2004

Yep. Oh they remove some of it.....but not everything. somewhere in the bowels of the registry is/or must be a key or string I'm missing here. Things that can arrive with ezula are toptext, Bonsaibuddy, hotbar etc. There are others. I don't visit porn sites and I try and keep as much rubbish off this computer as I can.

Any help will be used against this intruder.



  Newuser4165 21:45 19 Mar 2004

Use the Find/Find Next command in the Reg Editor to search for all the strings and keys referring to Ezuka - then delete the ba******
Start at My Computer

  tripleballs 21:53 19 Mar 2004

I've also got this problem still.

Jeez this is becoming very agitating, I've followed all the advice given to no avail.

I've searched for ezulaboot.dll, stub.exe & ezstub.exe with no results. This all indicates no ezula top text BUT Aladdin Internet Cleanup always spots it if I so much as think about going on the net. This indicates that I have the downloader programme on my PC.


  Djohn 22:25 19 Mar 2004

Last night I downloaded a "Log-Fire" screensaver from Win.XP Themes site and for the first time ever I picked up a virus. I posted my log on this site and the experts there checked it out for me. click here

AVG spotted and removed straight away but on running Ad-aware it found instead of the usual 1-3 add cookies.

135 Reg. keys

4 Reg. Values

39 files

3 folders

All were referring to Rameh A


new.net LSP

Hot Text

  Djohn 22:27 19 Mar 2004

I managed to clean everything out but it took a couple of hours. :o(

  Demora 23:52 19 Mar 2004

Well tonight it seems to be gone. BUT I have my suspicions as to where it came frome. I altered the activeX securities and so far No reinfestation. BUT who knows.

I use a pop up stopper and anything else thats around firewall and PcCillin IF I want to buy something I damn well go looking for it. Same as tv ads. I just use the interval as cooking timers. LOL


  Djohn 00:22 20 Mar 2004

If you click on my link in the post above at 22:25 you can read how I got shut of it, you can also post your log there as well to be checked over if your not sure. All the members there are also PCA members and a friendly bunch. j.

  The Spires 00:28 20 Mar 2004

Try SpySweeper free trial, not free but very good. click here

  willhay 08:56 20 Mar 2004

try this
click here

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