eyeball chat

  paul2820 18:44 27 Mar 2004

found this on net just want to know if it is any good

  Graham ® 19:09 27 Mar 2004

Do you mean click here ?

  anon1 19:09 27 Mar 2004

well you could have at least posted a link but in my opinion chat is a waste of time because you never really know who or what you are chatting to. You might as well buy a cb if all you want to do is chat

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:21 27 Mar 2004

'you never really know who or what you are chatting to'.....errrrm, it includes video as well. VidoeChat is excellent for keeping in contact with any relatives abroad and chat alone is excellent for helping people to repair computers, much better than texting or emailing. Welcome to the 21st century, anon 1.

I have used eyebal but IMHO the new messenger beats it hands down and is more readily available. thensound quality is much better than using the 'phone and it is cheaper, something anon 1 might like to bear in mind when the 'phone bill arrives;-))


  anon1 12:25 28 Mar 2004

I do not have a problem with the principles of chat but I guess gandalf you have not seen the bad side yet (especially the video aspect).You only have to look at netmeeting to see the way video chat goes. I for one would definately not let my kids use any form of internet video chat. I dont have a problem with my phone bills either I guess at times you can help others with chat but usually it depends how serious the problem is. I have helped many people via remote assistance and via the telephone (usually they call me then I help). The original post asked for opinions and that is what I gave.

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