Extremely Strange Display/Refresh Rate/Graphics Pr

  Frazelman 10:05 23 Nov 2015

Hi, so i've had this issue for a long time now 5+months however now I'm in need of urgent help. I will describe the problem. I use a BENQ XL2411T 144Hz Monitor with a DVI Cable connected to my Nvidia GTX 780 Graphics Card. suddenly about 5 months ago i was unable to use a refresh rate above 85Hz properly (even at 85Hz looking at anything dark just makes the screen go crazy). The higher I choose the refresh rate the worse the problem is. Furthermore, decreasing the brightness of the monitor makes it even worse. Also if I look at anything black like a background or anything dark within a game etc it makes the problem worse. (this is NOT a cable issue I've already tried replacing it)

I will link a video showing each of these problems here:

click here system: BENQ XL2411T 144Hz Monitor (not overclocked) AMD FX 8350 4.3Ghz (not overclocked) Nvidia GTX 780 16GB 1333Mhz Corsair Vengeance RAM (not overclocked) 120GB Corsair SSD +2TB WD Storage 850W Corsair PSU ASUS Sabretooth 990FX Motherboard


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