Extremely Noisy Evesham Start Up

  anniel 14:57 04 Feb 2007

This is my second Evesham. The last one was not quiet, but I guess I got used to it.

The new one arrived last Tuesday and when we switched it on it seemd reasonably quiet. Then on Thursday we noticed that it was extremely noisy on start up. The noise lasted about 2 minutes and then it went away and the machine ran quietly. If I turn off and then start up again, the noise is not there. It only appears when the PC has been switched off for a few hours.

I managed to get through to Evesham Support and was told that this loud noise was normal and that the fans ( sure it was plural) were working to keep the processor cool. He then asked if I switched off the PC at night or left it on standby. I use a surge protector power thingy with 5 plugs on it and I do normally switch it off at night.He advised that switching it off caused the PC to need to turn on the fans and thus make the appalling noise.

On his advice, I left the PC on standby and hoefully switched on today. Nothing had changed. The noise sounds like a jet taking off and then after 2 minutes, it stops.

The PC is an Evesham Solar XT. It has Intel Core Duo Processor, Twin HDDs of 160GB each and 2 GB DDR RAM.

I am not sure what to do. I know that it will continue to make this noise on start up ( and yet it did not do it for the first 2 days) The technical support man said it was not a problem and I wonder if I am over reacting.It is under guarantee and feel I have to make sure that it is OK.

Eveshams are known for being a bit noisy, but this is something else!!!

Advice would be appreciated.

  Kate B 15:07 04 Feb 2007

Are all the fans clear of dust and crud? If you have pets their hair gets everywhere very quickly.

  howard64 15:09 04 Feb 2007

bit of nonsense from them about leaving it on standby. Some systems only switch the fans on when the heat builds up others come on first and switch off when not needed. In case there is a problem developing I would watch the system carefully and make sure you switch it on regularly so that if it is a problem it will get worse so you then get service under warranty. If the noise becomes excessive get them in or have it returned as not working correctly.

  howard64 15:11 04 Feb 2007

Kate B I have 3 cats and 2 dogs and after 2 years there is very little hair and dust inside let alone after 3 days.

  Probabilitydrive 15:14 04 Feb 2007

My evesham Solar has similar specs (Core Duo E6700, 2GB RAM,) and compared to my previous AMD machine it is extremely quiet. Noise is also a matter of definition..

On booting up my system does a (audible) howl ..5 seconds...before quieting down to a barely audible hum....!

I certainly wouldn't associate a Core Duo with loud noise.If in doubt I would call out an engineer to have it checked.

Unusual noise is always a cause to investigate further.

  anniel 15:39 04 Feb 2007

I do not have any animals in the flat. There should not be any dust or rubbish in there. the PC is brand new.

I have had an Evesham before, so I am used to their noise, but this is very loud.

Probability Drive,

How do I get the engineer to call? Can I insist that they do send someone?

I would not mind if it was just 5 seconds this morning it was 2 minutes!!

I will call them in the morning. Any advice on what I should say?

  realist 15:41 04 Feb 2007

The fans on my recent Evesham dual-core desktop are quiet, they boost up now and then similar to a laptop, but never overly noisy.

  Kate B 15:43 04 Feb 2007

howard64, I have one cat and constantly have to defur my fans!

  Probabilitydrive 15:57 04 Feb 2007

anniel, have a look through this thread here click here
to get advise how others have handled an evesham query.
If you have (something of a) evesham gold warranty, than-give them a ring - stress (politely) that you are really concerned about this noise issue, especially as it is a brand new machine. And that should be it.

My first AMD machine (happy thoughts) had also a noise issue from the start. I phoned them, an appointment was arranged, the tech guy came, saw and changed the mobo.

(As a customer yourself you must know that) Evesham
has a very good reputation for their customer support, they won recently an customer satisfaction award. Whilst that may mean not too much in general, in eveshams case thats justified.

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