Extremely bad freezing. even the mouse is freezing.

  onniilee 00:47 13 Feb 2013

for some odd reason my laptop started freezing, and not just a normal freeze, I mean even the clock and mouse freezes and we have to force shut it down for it to do anything. eventually it got worse and worse to the point that if I try to turn it on, even on safe mode it wont even make it to the start up menu; it shows the mouse then the mouse freezes and that's it. I believe something may have gone terribly wrong with the registry but I do not know enough about computers to be sure. Can anyone tell me what could be wrong with it and what I should do to fix it? it is an HP laptop and it is only 2 years old.

  chub_tor 08:23 13 Feb 2013

Are you using an external mouse or the touchpad?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:48 13 Feb 2013

A two year old HP laptop probably running Windows 7?

Keep Tapping F8 as you first start it up and get to the Advance tools menu.

From the menu select startup repair - if this doesn't repair it the first time then keep doing it until it does or for about 5 times before trying anything else

  onthelimit1 10:48 13 Feb 2013

I suspect a problem on the hard drive - may be worth running chkdsk. If unsure how to do this, ask and will point you to a guide. Sensible to backup all data that matters to you anyway, just in case.

  onniilee 22:52 13 Feb 2013

I am using the touchpad. and it was going a little slower but it sped back up when we did a system restore. after that is when we started having this problem. I do not know how to do a chkdsk but i will probably figure it out. thanks so much for responding guys :)

  onniilee 01:20 14 Feb 2013

the problem is my laptop freezes before i even have a chance to do any of that. it freezes right on the start up screen. it just says starting windows and that's it. I had avast at one point then I switched to a windows one I cannot remember the name. I apologize. this even happens on safe mode. (i'm currently on a different laptop)

  wee eddie 03:58 14 Feb 2013

Possibly two Anti Virus Programs running could cause this.

Gotta shut one down a.s.a.p.

  onniilee 05:27 14 Feb 2013

oh I uninstalled avast before I installed the other one. I did a dskchk but it was read only and it said something about bad sectors and error on file $i30 or something. i have a feeling I need to replace the hard drive :(

  onthelimit1 08:47 14 Feb 2013

Run it as chkdsk /r That will try to repair bad sectors.

  onniilee 02:28 15 Feb 2013

the chkdsk did not fix any sectors and I did use the removal tool for avast. I'm not sure if I can do chkdsk /r because the computer stops working before I even see the mouse now, everytime I turn it on. You may be right about getting a new hard drive :( again thanks all for answering my question!

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