Extracting/ripping audio from CDs not working!

  Gaz W 16:09 30 Apr 2005

This is really driving me mad! I'm trying to rip audio CDs to my hard disk to back them up. Before I start a thread on copyright law, these are genuine CDs and whether or not it is legal to back them up I am going to because there is no way I'm paying for something twice if it gets damaged.

I have tried ripping with Exact Audio Copy and dBpowerAmp, but both produce similar results; I get random loud screeching/scratching noises during playback of the output wave files (like fingernails down a blackboard but very high pitched)... it's the same noise you get with bad reception on digital TV.

The CDs in question are in immaculate condition, although I have tried just about every CD I have, in both my disc drives, in 2 programs. I have even tried it with a couple of copied discs to see if it was copy protection, but this didn't work either. All I can do is copy the discs using Nero, but I don't want extra discs hanging around the place at the moment.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



  Fingees 17:27 30 Apr 2005

Why bother to rip them.

I have copied CDs with no problrm using Nero, doing a straight forward copy.

  Gaz W 18:25 30 Apr 2005

I want to rip them because as I said earlier, I don't want to have to store 2 copies of every CD I have, when I have a perfectly good 250GB hard drive waiting to store all of my CDs ready to burn should I destroy the originals accidentally.

  mike1967 18:47 30 Apr 2005

Use window media 10 its free and it works with all my cds, but I'm sure someone on here will say its crap cause microsoft make it

  Gaz W 19:59 30 Apr 2005

LOL maybe - I never imagined that Microsoft would allow ripping CDs! I'll see what happens with that then.

By the way I tried updating EAC and it still has the same problem, despite it reporting no errors and the quality being reported as 100%!

  mike1967 20:04 30 Apr 2005

Believe me it works

  Gaz W 20:07 30 Apr 2005

Hi, you probably won't believe this but...

I ripped it in Media Player. I then played it in Winamp and at first it seemed to play fine, but at one point it just stops with a bit of a squeaking noise, and I have to move the bar along a little bit and start it playing again!

My computer must be cursed!

  Gaz W 20:08 30 Apr 2005

Oh, and Media Player can't play it at all past a certain point much earlier on!

What is wrong with my computer???

  mike1967 20:09 30 Apr 2005

Think you must be
Are you using XP as operating system as well, are you sure your cd rom is ok as well

  mike1967 20:10 30 Apr 2005

Forgot to add why not use media player to play the ripped music as well

  Gaz W 20:10 30 Apr 2005

Windows XP Pro, tried with various drives... the one I've just used is a 10 month old NEC DVD writer that is otherwise perfectly fine.

I think my hard drive may be the cause because anything other than data on it seems to just go wrong!

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