Extracting my favourite music from CD

  goforit 18:48 13 Sep 2007

I have loads of classical music on CDs and would like to pick out a few tracks from each to make a separate CD for the car and for an iPod or some such player which I hope to purchase before a long trip to Australia.

I could do with a step by step guide from some kind heart on this forum.


  holme 18:53 13 Sep 2007

Rather than giving a step-by-step guide here, can I suggest you load Windows Media Play, click on Help, type in "ripping" and follow the instructions.

That will allow you to 'rip' (i.e. copy) the tracks you want, then burn them onto CD. It's very straightforward.

I can't help for iPod but no doubt someone else will. HTH.

  julius44 19:57 13 Sep 2007

Hello goforit. What u need is to download the lastest version of itunes from apple.com, since u mentioned that u have an ipod, all u'll need to do is then "sync" your ipod to your ipod. Hope i'm making sense?? Also u can then just copy all your classical music cds into your itnes library...and then do playlists of any of your favourite cd tracks..then u can listen to them in you in your car at your leisure. any more questions let me know. I use itunes and its superb and very user friendly...unlike windows media player

  goforit 22:49 13 Sep 2007

holme and julius44,
Many thanks. I shall try out your suggestions to see what I can learn. If I come a cropper, I will be back. :) Either way, I will sign this off if I can resolve it from your posts.


  C3 06:36 14 Sep 2007

For ripping CDs I always use DbPowerAMP v10 (later versions only allow a limited number of MP3 encodes) or there is always CDex as well.

But it Windows Media Player or iTunes work for you then that's ok!

  iscanut 09:09 14 Sep 2007

As julius44 says, use I Tunes to copy tracks from CD to I Pod library and then create whatever playlists you need and sync to I Pod. You can also Burn CDs of your favourite playlists or the whole lot if you like.

  Danny z 12:42 14 Sep 2007

It's quite simple to make your won mp3 ringtone with the help of your own music sources such as CD. So if you have a computer and compatible software installed then following steps need to be applied by windows user:

1. You require downloading some freeware applications from the internet such as Lame and audacity. Then install the application into your computer.

2. Next insert the CD having your mp3 songs and open the free windows media player. Click on the "rip" button and either rip the entire CD or only the track you want to have.

3. Open the particular sound track or mp3 in audacity and edit the song by selecting that portion which you want to make as your ringtone. You need to decide how long you wish to make your ringtone.

4. Select the last two seconds from your selected portion and give a fade out effect but this is optional to do.

5. Next you have to export the selected mp3 portion as a WAV file.

6. Open lame and Razerlame GUI and tweak the desired file size and quality that you wish to have.

7.Add the WAV file to the Lame process, hit the encode option and you will get the finished product as your personalized ringtone.

LOL,did it ok now?Don't forget to tell me the result.

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  goforit 19:34 14 Sep 2007

C3, Nuts, Danny z, thanks to all of you for your input here.

Danny, I am not after a ringtone, just some customised CDs for the car or favourite bits and pieces for an mp3 player I hope to buy one day.

I seem to have iTunes, RealPlayer and QuickTime on my PC.

I have managed to load a CD and it has saved stuff to my PC via both iTunes and RealPlayer. It has gone in a designated folder somewhere in "My Music" windows folder.

If I manage to make a 'playlist' and save a bunch of stuff together, do I just burn a CD (which I can do) and transfer my sound files (mp3 or m4a I think) directly across?

I have Nero so do I specifically have to choose to burn an Audio CD rather than a data CD?

I'm a total beginner with music files.

I have loads of nice music sitting in a folder that I simply copied directly from the CD in Explorer without going near iTunes etc. They are all .cda and when I tried to put them on another CD it didn't work.

Thanks for your help guys. I'm sure I'll get there somehow with your help.


  rdave13 21:44 14 Sep 2007

This is how I do it. Right click desktop and create a new folder. Make it's properties for all types. Insert cd and go to my computer and right click cd to view tracks. Copy and paste tracks to new folder.Do the same with more cds. Using a burning program (I use ashampoo burning studios 7 ) select tracks to burn from the new folder until cd will be full and take the option of how to burn, ie; to play on any cd/dvd player etc, this will finalize disk. Ashampoo burner makes it easy.

  holme 21:54 14 Sep 2007

If you already have Nero, then use that, in the way that rdave has just outlined.

But to answer your earlier question: Yes, you do need to burn an /Audio/ CD, not copy the files to a /Data/ CD. Then it can be played on a CD player in the car. HTH.

  goforit 23:05 14 Sep 2007

Thanks rdave and holme, I will try this at the weekend and be back here if I have problems.

I think I understand now.


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