extracting data from a dead hard drive

  robin_x 13:08 24 Nov 2011

'Proper' Data Recovery is beyond being worthwhile for 99% of Home Users. ie up to possibly hundreds of pounds.

If the drive is back in the laptop, you could try a simple tool yourself.

Burn a copy of Partition Wizard Bootable CD on another computer then put it in the faulty laptop.

If you can see the small partition and the rest is 'Unallocated', Partition Wizard has a Partition Recovery Wizard that may help.

If you can see othertitions, try right clicking them and selecting Explore.

Partition Wizard also shows Hidden Partitions. If one of them is the full Recovery partition, it can be set 'Active' for a Factory recovery. That should only be done as last resort. There are other ways to confirm any photos etc first.

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