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Extracting audio from movie clip.

  dagbladet 23:53 18 Nov 2005

Evening folks. I have a short movie clip that I took with my digi-cam. It is a Quick-time movie file. I would like to isolate the sound so I can put it on a Flash card as a MP3 or WAV file. Is this possible?

  mco 00:24 19 Nov 2005

I can't remember the link offhand sorry, but if you do a search here I posted exactly the same thing a while ago and got the problem sorted - so the answer's here somewhere!

  mco 00:29 19 Nov 2005

here's one I made earlier click here

  dagbladet 08:47 19 Nov 2005

Thanks mco, I could be do it wrong but that doesn't seem to work with 'Quick-Time' clips. Any more folks?

  dagbladet 08:50 19 Nov 2005

'doing it'

  dagbladet 11:34 19 Nov 2005

Thanks skyver i'll give that a try.

  dagbladet 12:16 19 Nov 2005


thanks but it just turned the audio into one long hiss.

  dagbladet 18:26 19 Nov 2005

Thanks i'll give it a try.

  dagbladet 09:15 20 Nov 2005

Thats got 'er. Downloaded click here RAD tools, which extracted the audio and converted it into wav automatically. Converted wav file to mp3 using click here mp3 to wav converter (does what it says on the tin. Job done and useful tools for the future installed. Thanks mco, Skyver, keewaa, and ashdav.

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