Extract Photos from .VOB

  skidzy 18:47 07 Oct 2008

Hello everyone.

I have been given a homemade video (clean,so stop laughing) :-) of a friends little girl dancing.

This was made by another friend,my question is;

Can i extract the stills that have the extension .VOB ready for printing.

Now i have been through Google and stacks of conflicting advice.

I have installed AVIdemux and looks like it works on Vista ...if only i knew how,my issues maybe it does not do .VOB

An easy to use freeware program would be good if possible and how to use it.

If the recommended software is for xp or Vista,this is no problem as we have both os.

Preferably some one with expertise in this and who done this before would be great,but as usual all advice is greatly appreciated.

Thankyou all

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:55 07 Oct 2008

Most DVD playing software allows you to take snap shots while your are watching the DVD.

  Shuffty 18:56 07 Oct 2008

Look here
click here

  skidzy 19:04 07 Oct 2008

Ok all,thanks for the tips.Will have a look around and see what i can do.

Think i had best copy the film first incase i ruin the original Lol :-)

Cheers all

  eedcam 19:13 07 Oct 2008

VLC player which is free wil play vob files and will capture from video so stills should be easy also windows mediaplayer will do the same
click here

  skidzy 19:35 07 Oct 2008

I did try through VLC,but got a little lost.

Ok, ive made a backup of the original and now going to play around.Will give VLC another look,problem im having capturing the stills is that the images are to small for printing.

Will post back when ive tried a few things.

Thanks again all.

  Joe R 19:37 07 Oct 2008


this may give you a hand.
click here

  [email protected] 19:40 07 Oct 2008

skidzy ,
click here

  skidzy 20:35 08 Oct 2008

Thankyou everyone for all the links.

In the end i extracted the required pics using VLC,saved as snapshots with .PNG extension and then used Irfanview to batch convert them to .jpg's,burnt to disc and off they will go.

Small problem is the quality,after being compressed to make the video slideshow it does not give you enough to work with.
Restoring the pics to original size would take some professional software i guess.However they do print but only at 5" x 3" of any worth.

Again thankyou all,your help is appreciated.

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