Extra USB ports best on PCI card or external hub?

  NormanD 22:47 13 Sep 2003

Hello all,

My PC (running 98SE) had only 2 USB ports when purchased. I supplemented these with an external hub (powered) for a while but the installation instructions for some of my devices (film scanner for instance) told me to connect only to a pre-installed port, not a hub. I have now fitted a PCI card with 5 ports. My question is will these extra ports behave in the same manner as pre-installed ports or will they have the same limitations as a hub.

Thanks in advance


  Jester2K II 23:05 13 Sep 2003

They will behave in the same manner as preinstalled ports.

Some devices don't like hubs...

  NormanD 00:07 14 Sep 2003

Jester2k II

Many thanks for your prompt response - I'll tick this as resolved.


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