Extra USB ports

  kpr 15:53 29 Nov 2004

Have decided to go for Broadband and am looking to increase the number of my USB ports as a spare usb port seems a necessity for broadband.
I have a 2 year old pc - probably not USB 2.0?
I have looked at a 4 port hub but have a couple of queries.
Can the hub be 2.0 if my card is not? Does this matter??
Should the hub be powered internally or opt for one with a power supply?
Hope this makes sense - I'm a novice can't you tell!

  ACOLYTE 16:00 29 Nov 2004

The hub should be backward compatable with usb 1.1 so it should work,as for the power i would get a self powered external one.What Operating System do you have usb 2.0 requires 98se or later i think for drivers for internal ones.

  kpr 16:14 29 Nov 2004

operating system is XP home.
Had hoped not to need another plug as the extension cable seems to be getting bigger all the time but if the opinion is that this option is preferred to an internal power source then I'm happy with that - thanks for the quick reply

  georgemac 16:14 29 Nov 2004

click here and buy the USB Card 2.0 - 4 + 1 PCI Card for £10.95 and you can then but a non powered 4 port usb hub for £2.50 (all inc vat & delivery) and you will then effectively have 7 usb2 ports.

Does involve the install of the pci card

some people I know with via chipset & usb 1.1 have had problems with usb adsl modems - no problems with the above setup

  ACOLYTE 16:27 29 Nov 2004

My first post the option for an external self powered one was just my preference,this may not suit you and an internal one may be better,the external one is less fiddly nothing to install just plug in and use.

  woodchip 16:45 29 Nov 2004

But if it's not got it's own Power Supply you will have problems

  georgemac 16:49 29 Nov 2004

not critisising your suggestion at all - a powered usb hub will be fine - all ports will be as you said usb1.1

I just wanted to point out all the options and the fact that sometimes usb modems have problems with usb 1.1 on motherboards with via chipsets

I have the usb store 4 port hub plugged into a motherboard usb port on my sons pc, and I think there have been problems when he has had 3 devices plugged into it, but I have his usb wireless network adapter plugged into a usb port powered from the motherboard.

If using a pci card to upgrade to usb2, the usb modem should be plugged directly into the card, not the hub.

  Danoh 16:54 29 Nov 2004

USB 2.0 device connected to a USB 1.1 port will obviously have a maximym USB 1.1 bandwidth. 4 port USB 2.0 hub connected to a USB 2.0 port will have USB 1.1 capacity for each of the 4 ports, at best.

Devices that require more than a trickle of current are best run off an externally powered hub rather than just relying on the power supplied via a USB hub or port; e.g. printers. scanners.

  olyman 17:27 29 Nov 2004

Like kpr I am worried about going to broadband with the 4 USB 2.0 ports that I have onboard. I have bought a powered USB 2.0 hub before going to broadband but am having problems. Both my printer and/or scanner will only work if plugged into the two rear sockets. They wont work through the hub or from either of the two front sockets which are incorporated into a built in card reader.I think that the card reader ports are effectively last in the chain after the card reader which is acting lik a hub. Simple devices work OK on the front sockets. From what has been said it looks like an internal pci card will be the best option. I have a Via chipset which worries me after seeing georgemac's comments.

  georgemac 17:39 29 Nov 2004

both pc's I have seen with problems were earlier model Time computers with msi6340 motherboards - xp1700's - both had usb 1.1 & via usb controller, usb modem was not recognised until the usb2 pci card was fitted, no problems after this.

I think if your motherboard has usb2 enhanced usb controller by via it is absolutley fine - mine is anyway and it has via chipset.

  olyman 17:41 29 Nov 2004

I think I'll order from georgemac's link but another thought occurs to me. Are there any firewire modems. I have unused firewire ports which it seems a shame not to use :-)

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