Extra RAM for AMD Athlon XP3200

  airbornenot 12:08 09 Nov 2004

I have a Mesh computer with an AMD Athlon (tm)XP3200+, 1.19Ghz, 400Mhz, CPU. It currently has 2x256Mb DDR memory boards and I want to upgrade to a total of 1Ghz.
The question is, is it better to do what Mesh has done and use two more 2x256 boards, or to just add a single 512Mhz board? I think that there is a question of which set up gives the best speed.(Mesh has been singularly unhelpful to my query so far, i.e. no reply.)
Thanks in advance.

  Smegs 12:19 09 Nov 2004

I think it all depends on the M/board. If you put 1x512 in, it may bring it down in line with 256.

Please waite for others to comment.

  Gongoozler 12:24 09 Nov 2004

It really depends on the motherboard, some work better with the memory in pairs, some don't care. If you download and run Belarc Advisor click here, you can find what motherboard you have. You can then contact Crucial click here. They have a very helpful customer service team and will tell you what the best option is for your computer.

  airbornenot 12:58 09 Nov 2004

Thanks people,
The Crucial site answered most of the query. It turns out that I have only one spare slot anyway, which narrows the field more than a little.

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