extra ram?

  rincewind66 10:04 07 Jul 2008

My father in law has a Gateway gt5082b running vista with 2gb ram. he wants to upgrade to 4gb but is unsure of technical specifications. It says it has 4 slots but is only upgradeable to 2gb does this mean that he already has the maximum.

  Jim Thing 10:22 07 Jul 2008

See what Crucial recommends (very reputable company). click here, let their software scan your system and it will tell you all you need to know.

  rincewind66 10:47 07 Jul 2008

I have just tried Crucial and put in the details and it says 2gb on computer, upgradeable to 2gb. I am not near his computer at the moment so can't let it scan to see if it gives a different result. Will try later. Thanks

  DieSse 10:49 07 Jul 2008

"It says it has 4 slots but is only upgradeable to 2gb does this mean that he already has the maximum."

Sounds likely he has the maximum.

32 bit Windows (XP or Vista) can only address 4GB RAM in total. Quite a lot of addresses (can be over half a GigaByte) are taken up already in the system - so the normal maximum available RAM is only 3.2-3.5GB ish anyway.

  rincewind66 11:11 07 Jul 2008

No he definitely only has 2gb as that is what it came with. That is why i don't understand this as he has 2 free slots.

  DieSse 11:22 07 Jul 2008

What motherboard is it?

He can use Everest free version to find out.

click here

  DieSse 11:33 07 Jul 2008

The specification here click here doesn't tie up with what you say he's got. So the exact motherboard is important to get the real "gen".

  rincewind66 13:54 07 Jul 2008

Thanks. I will check this out when i go round later. he said he thought it had 4 slots because that's what it it said on the Crucial website when he put his computer details in. I have checked the Crucial site and it does say 4 slots, but I will check his manual. Thanks again.

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