extra RAM

  Fred the flour grader 14:52 21 Oct 2003

Can anyone answer this query?
I have installed an extra 256MB RAM (pc100) in addition to the 64MB that was already in my PC. I am running windows 98se on a pentium3 450mhz Advent3031. I have two hard drives installed a 6.4GB and a 80GB.
Since installing the RAM, I expected a decent increase in my ageing machines performance but cannot notice any significant difference. A friend has suggested taking out the original 64MB and leaving the new 256MB on it's own. Does anyone agree this action would help

  AL D. 14:57 21 Oct 2003

have you placed the larger ram nearest the cpu?
and your cpu is a little on the slow side,if possible try upgrading to at least double that size if your mobo can take it.

  Fred the flour grader 15:04 21 Oct 2003

Not sure on either of the points AL D.
I do know that I had to install a PCI card to fit the larger drive, as MOBO would not recognise it. I think the MOBO is probably at it's limit as the computer on the whole is getting on a bit.

  DieSse 15:05 21 Oct 2003

No I don't think what you suggest would make any difference.

More RAM can improve performance under some circumstances, but not in many.

  Fred the flour grader 15:10 21 Oct 2003

DieSse, if you are right, That means An article I read in PC Advisor was a load of cobblers.
It clearly stated various upgrades you can make to your pc to improve performance. Adding extra RAM came near top of the list.

  DieSse 15:21 21 Oct 2003

That's correct - but it doesn't make the processor run any faster, and it depends on many other factors what performance gains you might get under certain circumstances.

For instance, if you were running WinXP - the upgrade you have made would make a great deal of difference.

If you do several tasks at the sam time, say leave a picture editing session open, then start Word to write a document - then again it would make a noticeable difference. Or if you are in tha habit of playing large games - this too would be improved.

However in general overall terms, doing pretty straightforward things, you may not notice much, if any changes.

  DieSse 15:24 21 Oct 2003

PS - my comment about what you suggest not making any difference was aimed at where you put the RAM in the system. The other comment was qualified, but now I hope more understandable.

It is conventional to put the largest size RAM module in the first slot - this is to aviod strage problems, or to even eanble it to be recognised correctly - but it has no effect on performance.

  Fred the flour grader 15:34 21 Oct 2003

DieSse, I get where you are coming from now, thanks.
MOBO manual just quotes speeds upto 450mhz and faster but does not give a max speed.
Will now trail NET for info on this.
Thanks again

  DieSse 15:39 21 Oct 2003

If you have your hard drive arranged with the older drve as master, you may get a noticeable performance hike by changing them over.

If the 80Gb is a 7200 rpm drive, it will be significantly faster - and it's probably got a larger cache anyway, whch will also improve it's performance.

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