Extra H/Drive stops boot!

  boybrown 20:49 29 May 2004

Hi Folks,

I wanted to stick an extra h/drive on my system so I could transfer some files over. As soon as I try to install it and turn the system power on in seems to short out! I've tried on both IDE channels. I am running one h/drive, one floppy and 2 cdroms! Is this a daft question or do I need to up my power supply, or is it something else that i'm missing.

Cheers for any help

boybrown :-)

  Djohn 21:22 29 May 2004

Have you set the jumper on the rear of the new hard drive to "Slave" position? Then connect it to the middle connector of the IDE cable.

  powerless 21:24 29 May 2004

How powerful is that PSU ?

  boybrown 08:35 30 May 2004

Hi Djohn thanks for getting back to me. I will double check that I have tried that. I think that I have tried every way including loose!

Hi powerless,

It's a 250w supply running 512 ddr ram, 2gig AMD Athlon and an existing 60 Maxtor H/d rive

Thanks a lot folks for your response. I'll mark this complete as there was a previous link to the same type of problem and I don't want to choke the forum with unecessary threads

cheers :-)

  jimv7 09:19 30 May 2004

A 250 watt psu is not enough power for an athlon cpu, minimum recommended is 300 watt, and preferably 350 to 400.

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