Extra Hard Drive

  GBL 11:01 12 Dec 2004

I am using XP Pro with all service parks. I am concerned about my Hard Drive which is a 40 GB Western, and I think that it may be a little suspect, keep getting freezes etc, seems to be tiring.

I had read that for XP an 80 GB is the norm.

I have been thinking for some time now about a new Hard Drive, not too sure which is the best buy and don't want to spend a fortune.I keep reading reveiws but the mind boggles after a while.

Can I still access all the programs etc on my original drive if I use it as Slave.??

Would I be able to just leave it as it is and spop it over??
There is all sorts of stuff on it including updated drivers etc, I assume that I would have to start again with all that.

Any advise is welcome. Thanks.

  Graham ® 11:06 12 Dec 2004

If you have the XP installation disk, you could fit a new drive as master, install Windows, then fit old drive as slave and drag the files over.

  AndySD 11:11 12 Dec 2004

Since you have a WD drive you can use the click here Data Lifeguard Tools and copy your present drive onto your new drive.

EG set the new drive as Slave with the jumpers and add it to the PC. Boot into windows and run Data Lifeguard Tools copy the drive onto the new one. Reboot and change the jumper on the new drive to Mastr and the old one to slave.

  GBL 11:19 12 Dec 2004

Do you mean that if I add a new drive as Master, I need not install anything on it, just boot up from the now Slave, I assume there will be an option to do this, then copy as you suggest?

It sounds easy but is it??

  AndySD 11:56 12 Dec 2004

I brought a new WD drive and set it as slave then booted into Windows ran the drive tools and it found the new drive I then chose the option to copy my present master drive to the slave and make it the boot drive. It was all done automacically by the program. I then swapped the jumpers on both the drives making the old one the slave and the new one the master. That was it done.

When I rebooted into Windows the new drive now was the Boot drive with all my programs and data on it. The old drive still had this on it and I was able to check that all was working fine before I formated it and then used it as a clean second drive.

  GBL 13:09 12 Dec 2004

Cheers Andy, that sounds simple so will give it a try.

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