Extra dsl modem on AOL

  chriscross72 20:59 01 Jul 2004

I currently have AOL broadband using a BT Voyager 105 usb modem
Is it possible to use any dsl type modem to access the internet or do I have to use the one that AOL supplied me with ?
Thanks : ))

  Gongoozler 21:00 01 Jul 2004

In general you can use any ADSL modem, but I can't say if AOL is different.

  johnsims 21:03 01 Jul 2004

AOL supply a USB modem in the forlorn hope that you do not use it (the connection) for more than one PC. When I wuestioned AOL I was told I need not use the supplied modem.

  johnsims 21:04 01 Jul 2004

""wuestioned"" - damn, hit w instead of q. Sorry, ... questioned AOL ...

  chriscross72 21:06 01 Jul 2004

so i can have any dsl modem on my machine-with the correct drivers loaded- and I will be able to connect to AOL through it ?
Will i need to remove the drivers for the BT voyager modem first ( We can then leave one modem downstairs for laptop use and the other upstairs for the main pc)

  johnsims 21:12 01 Jul 2004

Yep, remove drivers first. Don't forget the ADSL splitter in the phone socket downstairs. Also don't forget that a phone line can only have equipment totalling 4 REN. (most modems and phones are 1 REN

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