Extra Code? How to edit things correctly please?

  Diemmess 09:36 11 Dec 2006

I asked on another thread for help with a pop-up on the opening screen of an information only website for which I am responsible.
I asked if other saw the same thing or was it confined to my computer. (I found ZA asking permission to allow mo.com)
The thread click here
brought useful replies showing that others saw other things, but this is the home page with links but nothing else, certainly no pop-up.
I am using NOF v 8 and
phil suggested removing all code after the html> at the end.

  Diemmess 09:45 11 Dec 2006

Pressed the wrong button!
HTML code is a closed book to me, I let NOF do it for me

Found my way to Document Map - HTML Source
If I scroll to the end the last few lines are these

<!-- [END Master End-of-Body Script] -->
<!-- [BEGIN Custom6] -->

<!-- [END Custom6] -->
<!-- [BEGIN Custom7] -->

<!-- [END Custom7] -->
<!-- [BEGIN Page End-of-File Script] -->

<!-- [END Page End-of-File Script] -->
<!-- [BEGIN Master End-of-File Script] -->

<!-- [END Master End-of-File Script] -->

Are these the lines after </html> to be deleted?

  Diemmess 16:22 11 Dec 2006

Wanting to do something, I tried republishing the entire site (at about 13:45)

At the time of posting the site is still clear (for me).

In winding up the previous thread (mo.com what is it?) I said perhaps it was like windows itself and needed to go back a step to a good publication.

Or is it something more serious, where someone has hacked in?

  phil 19:38 11 Dec 2006

It looks like your clear out has worked.

The errant code on your site led to this website for Mortimer Comprehensive school in Newcastle. click here

That website is also throwing the warning on the home page. Strange considering the site has been dead since 2002.

The domain name mo.com is American owned since 1994 - early days of the internet then - and leads to this click here ,a form of early blog done by a Jewish guy.

Still can't fathom out the link between all three though.

  Diemmess 19:49 11 Dec 2006

Thanks again phil for your comment.
I hope your first line is the current one!
I log on furtively now and then but it remains clear and normal

It is weird though and a little unsettling, that a 'Plain Jane' of a website should have something pop up which had nothing to do with the site.
Also it seems to have appeared in a variety of forms to different people who logged on from different locations.

I will leave this open for a day or so to see if anyone wishes to add to the story.

  Diemmess 10:13 17 Dec 2006

After trying in vain to find the 'extra code' suggested, I simply republished the entire site from the most recently saved version.

This seems to have cleared the problem and I will mark as resolved.
Just how these pop-up intruders were linked to my efforts I do not understand and because of that it worries me a trifle!

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